Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Introduction to Solar Cars


Smoothwhirl.(2010, Mar 7). Introduction to Solar Cars. From The hub for Bright Minds: http://www.brighthub.com/engineering/mechanical/articles/37293.aspx


According to the article, solar cars are cars that use the sun for energy. They run by converting sunlight into energy. The electrical system is the significant system of the car, because it is what converts sunlight to energy. The mechanical system is difficult because it needs to be strong yet light weight. This is now achieved with composite materials. The ratio and weight is not the only factor; price is also important. Solar cars are beneficial because they do not use fossil fuels and they reduce pollution. But, they are limited in speed and power, and are only practical in areas with a lot of sunlight.


I believe solar cars can be a big help for the environment. They create less pollution and reduce the amount of oil drilling needed. Most important is the battery. Since batteries only have a limited life it will reduce how much people want them. However, people who live in areas with a lot of sunlight will find them very useful. It is only a matter of time before a way is found to store the energy for longer and make it easier for everyone to use them. I also think the things advance quickly and now that people see pollution as a problem more money will be spent to improve the technology. I think it is time for electric cars because the more people drive and buy them the more they will work to fix the problems. Besides, people are learning how bad pollution is, so they want to fix it and these cars could help.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Andy Grove From Intel Is Wrong


Altucher, J. (2010, July 6). Andy Grove From Intel Is Wrong. Retrieved September 13, 2010, from The Wall Street Journal: http://blogs.wsj.com/financial-adviser/2010/07/06/andy-grove-from-intel-is-wrong/


In his article, “Andy Grove from Intel is Wrong,” James Altucher explains how the former Intel CEO Andy Grove is mistaken in his protectionist financial views. According to Altucher, Grove is a great business man and personal hero but is mistaken on his views. He points out that Grove is unable to point out one country that has thrived by being protectionist. He refutes Grove’s claim about tanks in the streets in 1932, by pointing out that the crisis that drove them there were protectionist policies. He then uses as an example post World War Two Germany and Japan whose open trade policy led to a remarkable financial boom. He finishes by claiming that innovation is still being done in America, pointing out Google and Facebook. He finishes by stating that if everything was made in America it would be too expensive to purchase.


I am unclear whether I agree with Altucher or Grove. Both make good points about their views on the economy and business. I tend to side more with Grove because he laid out a better argument. However, Altucher does make some valid points. I do agree that being to protectionist could be bad for business, and eventually for the consumer. We have to remember that if it costs a company more to make something, it will cost more to buy it. I cannot help but wonder if it may not be better to combine the two views. Still, it is not healthy for any economy to be totally reliant on outside sources of manufacturing. There are certain things that a country should make for itself. While I do agree more with Grove, I don’t want to get carried away and completely do away with free trade between nations.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Is American Tech Industry Oiling Its Own Guillotine.

• Reference:

Hiner, J. (2010, August 30). Is the American Tech Industry Oiling Its Own Guillotine? Retrieved September 4, 2010, from ZDNet: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/is-the-american-tech-industry-oiling-its-own-guillotine/38594

• Summary:

In the article “Is American Tech Industry Oiling Its Own Guillotine,” the author Jason Hiner talks about the impact of moving manufacturing jobs over sees. The article is based upon the assertions made by former Intel CEO Andy Grove about the modern trends in business. According to the article, Grove has begun to warn about the problems of moving manufacturing jobs overseas and is promoting what some call a protectionist business agenda. According to Grove, if America continues the practice of exporting manufacturing jobs it will destroy its own economy. Gates said that innovation is tied to manufacturing and that by allowing manufacturing elsewhere the innovation will occur elsewhere. Grove uses the battery industry as an example. The batteries manufactured now are made by companies in Asia, while this was not a problem, now with the growing demand for lithium batteries other countries are set to profit. According to Grove, the government should start enacting policies designed to keep manufacturing jobs in America by providing incentives to companies here and applying additional taxes and tariffs to companies who manufacture their products overseas.

• Response:

I can understand the concerns of Grove. Any country that does not manufacture its own products is at a disadvantage to countries that do. I do not see how this is allowed to happen. Countries have many people who need jobs and a way to learn a trade or occupation; however, without the opportunity they will not have the chance. I would think that countries would want to manufacture their own products for economic reasons. For one, more people working means more tax revenue. It is also good for security. It is not good for a nation to have to rely on another country for products. If something happens, then that country can refuse to produce the products and that would hurt everyone. Also, not everyone can work in an office or have a degree; some people need manufacturing jobs to support their families. I believe it is time for America to reconsider whether it wants to allow all of its manufacturing to be done by other countries when it has people here who could do the work.

MIT uses nanotechnology to build autonomous oil-absorbing robot.


Nanowerk News. (2010, August 26). MIT uses nanotechnology to build autonomous oil-absorbing robot. MIT.Retrieved August 30, 2010, from Nanowerk: www://nanowerk.com/news/newsid=17787.php


The article is, “MIT uses nanotechnology to build autonomous oil-absorbing robot,” about the new technology developed by MIT to help with oil spills like the one in the Gulf of Mexico. The prototype, called the sea swarm, was revealed on August 28. The robot uses a conveyer covered with nanowire mesh designed to absorb oil. The fabric can absorb up to twenty times its weight in oil while repelling water. According to the article, the fabric can then be heated to remove and burn the oil and the fabric can be reused. By using solar panels, the robot can do this while using only the power used for one household light bulb. This gives it the potential to clean for weeks. It is designed to work with other units like a swarm around the clock without human workers being involved. They estimate that a swarm of 5,000 of these robots could clean a spill the size of the one in the gulf in a month.

Reaction (Response):

For me this is a good thing. When oil spills, it can be terrible for the environment and the animals. A system like this one would be a big help to countries like mine that are at risk of oil spills. Anything that helps is very important to design and produce. The idea of it not using people is also good. People need rest and food so they can only work for a limited time. Robots do not need either so they can work without stopping for days, even months. I think something like this is just now being made because of the spill in the Gulf of Mexico making people think of answers to a problem. It would have been better to develop this before it was needed though. Still, now is better than it not being made at all. I see this technology being very important in the future; let us just pray that it is not needed.

Monday, July 19, 2010


According to the painting, there are two hunters just came from their journey. I believed, they spent a long time in the desert.
Each one of them have his own weapon, which is used to hunt the birds. The painting shows two dogs of the type Salukis, usually
they hunting the wild animals such as Deers, Rabbits and Pets. One of them hunted a deer which placed behind the horse. All of them
are wearing a hat that has large scale. Because This type of cap is characterized by providing shade for the entire face from the sun light and wherever the angle of the sun light. In fact, they are using this kind of cap to getting a clear vision during hunting. Noticed by the picture that these people living in a small village and its buildings are made of clay. I think that those of wealthy people in the village. Because they have servants and by the painting you can notice that they are waiting for their servants to carry the things.

I learned from the painting that these are provisional in their Professions. And I have to be a provisional as much as they are in my future Profession. Those people used to hunt and most what they eat from their hunts. Their Salukis seemed very professional in hunting. Those people are knowing how to trained them to hunt. It is clear that they treated their dogs very well. I feel exciting when I see this painting, because I have lived once that life in my native country weather in the desert or in the sea. Their lives are full of adventure, and the most interesting thing in my life is the adventures.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

SeE ThIs MoViE >> Warhol: the bellwether of the art market

Warhol's Soup

Warhol was interested in repetition, fame and ubiquity. Normally, the companies consider him a bellwether because he was a huge market share. He made about ten thousand art works, during his work's life that volume too much for the market to absorb. In 2007, Warhol is the highest an artist in the auction. He is the chief of Marsaldeshan and the major influence on alot of the most successful artists such as Jeff Koons, Tadashi Morakami and richard Prince. These artists wouldn't really make sense without Warhol. Warhol redefined the role of artist as director. Warhol's style were cool but his content was aften very emotive. The Death and Disaster series includes images of car crashes, people jumping out of buildings and highest price for abstract Warhol 71.1 million Dollars.

In fact, Warhol is the greatest artist i have ever seen; his life's works are full of great achievements. He was versed in several occupations, such as American painter, printmaker, and filmmaker, etc. In my opinion, Warhol is characterized by the simplistic arts. He has thousands of pieces and each one of the commands thousands of dollars, if not millions. The highest price paid for a Warhol painting is 100 million for a canvas named Eight Elvises. The most important painting was Campbell Soup Can showed in 192 as a fine artist. Warhol was trying to depict through the Campbell Soup the comfort of home and it was his favorite food. Furthermore, the Campbell Soup can was served by the millions, every day. Warhol is the main reason to help to get pop art as a major movement in the United States. Today, Warhol is always in Americans memories as long as his paintings exists specially the Campbell Soup can which represents a daily king of everyday good feelings.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Norman Rockwell

When i look at the picture, i feel little intersted. I think the artist (Norman Rockwell) was trying to explain that young artist who is standing in the picture was trying to figure out about the painting on the wall. I guess the young artist was looking for a specific painting, like the picture that is held with his other hand. I believed that young artist wanted to know the contast of the colors and the materials that the organic painter used on the picture. In order to, drawing something similar. I think the young artist found the picture that he looked for in a museum or a library. This type of painting is my favorite, because you and i can communicate with the artist through his painting. Furthermore, we can understand what he was trying to say to people. However, i believed the painting is about searching or learning that's how it makes me feel. Specially, in the picture of photorealism type, you can easily notice every think in the painting.